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Recent malt•lab scholarship, publications, and events

May 2017 – Alexis Hilts’ honors thesis turned APA Convention presentation was profiled in UNLV Today! Great to see the spotlight trained on one of our many dynamic undergrad lab members.

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May 2017 – The UNLV News Center featured a story on the malt•lab’s Learning Theory and Analytics to Improve Undergraduate STEM Learning (LTAGs) project and efforts to use students’ own data to predict their achievement and support struggling learners.

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April 2017 – Matt Bernacki was one of two recipients of the inaugural, University-wide Scholarship of Teaching and Learning award, along with Lori Candela (Nursing).

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April 2017 – malt•lab graduate students Rachel Part, Lucie Vosicka, Manognya Murukutla, and Celeste Calkins took home awards at the UNLV Graduate and Professional Student Association’s Research Symposium. Rachel earned first prize for her paper “Establishing the Invariant Natures and Exploring the Variable Relations of Value and Cost.” Lucie received first prize for her poster, “How precisely do logged events represent students’ learning processes?: Aligning students’ reports with resource use,” and Mano and Celeste earned an honorable mention for their poster ” Are there benefits to combining social and cognitive writing interventions?”

March 2017 – a UNLV team led by malt•lab post-doc Marissa Owens received NASA’s 2016 Mentor-Protege [Program] of the Year Award. Under the direction of Teledyne Brown Engineering, Marissa and UNLV undergraduate computer science and design students work with NASA specialists to design training materials for scientists who work on the International Space Station.

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December 2016 & February 2017 – Matt Bernacki spoke to the Las Vegas community at the December Nevada Summit on Education. He and others discussed policy papers to be presented to the Nevada Legislature in advance of their upcoming session. Topics includes STEM and Higher Education, and English Language Learning issues, as considered through the lens of Nevada as an educational context. The event was sponsored by NPR and other organizations and was hosted by UNLV College of Education. The Policy Fellows then headed to Carson City in February to brief legislators on these topics.

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November 2016 – The LearningTAGs Project was honored with the Mission Award for Education during the Splunk GovSummit Conference in Washington, D.C. The Award recognized efforts made to use prediction modeling and messaging to improve student achievement. A feature was published on the UNLV News Center (12/14) and in UNLV Today.

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October 2016 – Splunk features malt•lab research on prediction modeling and messaging intervention to support struggling UNLV STEM learners in a blog post, video, report, and press release (in conjunction with media events at Educause 2016). Splunk posted about the experience on their blog.

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Followup coverage in publications including Campus Technology and the NSHE News Bulletin.

August 2016 – a research report on the Transparency in Learning and Teaching project in the American Association of Colleges & Universities.

February 2016 – Faculty Development Seminar at UNLV: “Using Innovative Classroom Technologies for Student Engagement and Early Intervention”

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Fall 2015 – College of Education Feature on Expanding the STEM Workforce through interventions guided by learning theory and analytics