Join Us!

Dr. Bernacki is accepting new master’s and doctoral students for the 2017-18 academic year.

There are also many ways to for undergraduates and other researchers get involved in the research we conduct.

As a graduate student

The Department of Educational Psychology and Higher Education offers doctoral degrees in Educational Psychology and Learning and Technology; these degrees include a battery of rigorous methodological training and a grounding in learning theory, as well as an opportunity to develop expertise in contemporary and emerging learning technologies. Graduates will be well prepared for careers in research, evaluation, and with some planning, instructional design.

Graduate students in this lab have opportunities to pursue research on a variety of topics in the areas of self-regulated learning, metacognition, motivation, and technology. The department and lab provide funding multiple graduate assistants who can take advantage of resources to support laboratory-based and field studies with undergraduate and K-12 populations.

Beyond this lab, the Department and College include an outstanding faculty with whom you are encouraged to collaborate. Application materials for graduate programs are available on the department website. Prospective students are encouraged to email the Lab Director to discuss their interests in the Lab and opportunities to join ongoing and upcoming projects… or propose new ones!

Undergraduate research assistants

Thank you for your interest in joining our lab! We are always looking for sharp, motivated research assistants who can contribute new ideas while developing their research skills. Opportunities exist for current students and recent graduates. Lab projects primarily focus on understanding learning in the context of technology. You can read more about what we do on the research page.

As a research assistant, you will join a team and conduct research on learning. This may include collecting data in labs or classrooms, managing data, scoring student work, or exploring the literature on learning, among other important tasks. Hands-on experience is the best way to learn how educational research works, and to explore your own interest in graduate degrees or a career in research.

Those who wish to join the lab should contact the lab director. We’d ask for a commitment of at least a semester; internship credit might be a possibility, depending on your academic program.

Potential Collaborators

If you are interested in topics addressed by current projects or lab publications, get in touch! We are always interested in exploring ideas that can lead to future collaborations. In addition, most of our projects produce sizable corpuses of data that can be made available for additional analyses. If you have an appropriate and interesting research question, we would be interested in pursuing it together. You can check out examples of such data at the DataShop at LearnLab where we host many of our datasets.